Feng Shui Coaching 

My interest in Feng Shui has grown over the last 20 years and has become not only a passion of mine but a commitment to assisting clients to create healthy flowing energies in their homes and office environment. I have seen those first hand in my own home and family. 
With the help of the ancient art of Feng Shui which has been around for 4000 years, I am able to identify; interpret and correct the surroundings my clients live in, in order to ensure balance and harmony. The effect of a home or office where energy is healthy and flowing results in many positive changes such as: 
health improvements ■ improved relationship and family dynamics ■ less breakages, faults or damages ■ Improved abundance or an increase in customers or business growth 
Good Feng Shui signifies perfect alignment between our inner and outer worlds and contributes greatly to the harmony and balance we experience in our lives. 
Most of my life I have been incredibly sensitive to energies both of people and of places. I have always had an acute sense of when energy is stagnated or freely moving in the home or office environment and from this, I was able to intuitively employ ways to improve flow of energy in spaces which surround and support us. 
It has become generally accepted and scientifically proven that we are all energy. Everything we see is made up of energy particles which group together. 
I am all too aware that although we may work on internal changes within ourselves using modalities such as life coaching, energy therapy or counselling, that without realising that our external environments particularly our home may hamper us in fully achieving the life change we desire. 
Uncluttering your mind, body and spirit from negative beliefs, limiting life patterns and stuck emotions is greatly enhanced when your home and environment is decluttered and harmoniously flowing. 
Many of us may have experienced symptoms of stagnant energy without knowing the meaning of it: 
Just feeling uncomfortable, unsettled or unsafe in a particular space 
Feeling a heaviness or stuckness or even a coldness in a particular room or location 
Noticing in your home there is just one room or a few which don’t feel right despite moving things around many times 
Noticing that your sleep is disrupted or unsettled at home but when away on holiday you sleep soundly 
Being aware that family arguments seem more prevalent in certain homes, rooms or spaces 
Recurring health problems which come and go without obvious medical causes 

What a typical Feng Shui Coaching process may look like: 

A brief discussion with you regarding your requirements or particular concerns on the telephone prior to a home visit. 
During the home visit I will have a walk through your property with a floor plan handy and will take the necessary calculations and feedback from you. This should take around 1.5 hours. 
I will then, using the various elements of Feng Shui create a full report of any recommendations for you to consider. 
During the initial visit I may give you a brief summary of what I find or may highlight any quick fixes 
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