Ways we can work together 

I offer the following sessions and programmes to support you on your journey with the focus being on creating an approach unique and most suited to your needs. 

Discovery Call 

I offer a free 30 minute discovery call aimed at giving you space to get to know my style and ethos of coaching and also the opportunity to share some of what brings you to the coaching conversation. 

Breakthrough Session 

Session Cost: £140.00 
This is a focused 2-hour session aimed at a specific goal or life issue you would like to work on. This is mostly suited for a short sharp support session with key outcomes and objectives either online or face to face. 
We will deep dive into your area of focus which may be a life decision needing to be made, a career move or transition, a relationship breakdown, or a health issue that you are facing and come up with clarity and an action plan to be implemented. 
The session will include a pre-session worksheet as well as an email check in within 4 weeks. 

Finding Your Synthesis 

We will work together for either 6, 9 or 12 sessions with a defined goal or direction of travel. This can be either face to face sessions (in Farnham Surrey) or online via Zoom or Skype. The sessions last for 60 minutes and may involve all or some of the tools and techniques mentioned in the Techniques and Modalities section. Please know that confidentiality is a corner stone of my business and ensures that you feel safe and held in the coaching space. 
I will also send you a welcome pack to include a questionnaire for you to fill in and kick-start your journey. My fees are £70 per session with the first session generally longer around 75 minutes with each session thereafter being around 60 minutes. When booking a block of sessions you will get a maintenance session for free to be used within 3 months of your last coaching session. 

Individual Transformation Session 

Sessions for a specific focus and method 
I offer single sessions focused on one of the modalities in the Techniques and Modalities section. These sessions are either 60-minutes or 90 minutes long with a defined approach and outcome. We will assess what is the right method for your needs and agree the desired outcome you wish to have. 
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